How To Build A Construction Plan

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Construction Plan

A Construction Plan is your key to getting it right.  The housing industry has proceeded at a red-hot pace for several years running.  184,000 homes were completed in England in 2016/17.  This is more than in recent years, but still below the 2007/08 pre-recession peak of 200,000.  When considering the additional revenues generated, such as Stamp duty, Council tax, Corporation tax, Income tax, Employees and Employers national insurance contributions, Home building generated a staggering £3.1 Billion to the UK economy in 2015.

Steps to building the perfect Construction plan

Base your construction plan on the steps below, this will help ensure you won’t miss vital step.

So, the design and dreaming is over, now the hammer hits the nail and things start to happen. Watching your new home arise from your plans is superb and it’s now time to review things, stay on top of what’s going on and to ensure your professionals Build It Right. It’s easier than you think, so long as you know what to look for – This is where this section can help…

Three things you need to know

  1. Your builder is a crucial partner – get a good one whom you can trust because this is a major step you are taking.
  2. Making changes after building has begun is expensive, not to mention the added delays.
  3. Insurance, especially against theft and fire, is essential.

Four things you need to do

  1. Ensure that there is a health and safety plan for the building site, therefore ensuring you are protected if an accident does happen.
  2. Most importantly, check that the builder is following the plans and all materials used are the ones specified and are installed correctly. This is especially important.
  3. You will be working with your builder for several months to come, therefore make sure you sit down together and make sure that you get along.  Your builder needs to be able to handle delicate situations between you and the tradesmen so make sure you are comfortable with their interpersonal skills.
  4. When the work is done and your home is ready, get a Compliance Certificate from the council.

The usual order of construction is:

  1. Clear the building area
  2. Correct set out of the building
  3. Excavate the section and lay the foundations
  4. Pour concrete floors
  5. Construct the framing or external walls, including insulation
  6. Put the roof on
  7. Mount the windows
  8. Put on the exterior cladding
  9. Organise plumbing and wiring
  10. Put in the doors
  11. Stud walls and Interior lining
  12. Interior plastering and painting
  13. Carry out final plumbing and electrical work
  14. Paint the house and complete any finishing work
  15. Lay the floor coverings
  16. Have a glass of champagne – you deserve it!

A quick tip: I use Zoho Project to keep track of all my deadlines.

Some of these may happen concurrently or in a slightly different sequence depending on when trades are available. Except the glass of champagne. You don’t get that until the end.

If all of the above just sets your head into a spin, we are here to help! Full construction project management just a call away, we look forward to your call…

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