Jeff Neathway

Project Manager

Jeff works closely with all members of the construction team and ensures that quality is monitored whilst ensuring that Health & Safety, Deadlines and Welfare are all managed to the best of his abilities.

Dave Thomson

Project Manager

Dave is experienced with a wide range of construction and infrastructure projects.  He offers his support to the project by managing the suppliers and sub-contractors.

Kurt & Martin Lane

Groundwork team

Kurt and Martin bring a wealth of experience to the workforce with their specialism in groundwork.  Arguably the most important part of any extension; they work to high standards and maintain a tidy, organised site.

Derek Thomson

Construction Consultant

Derek is the expert when it comes to finding solutions.  With over 50 years in the business there are not many things that this guy has not seen.

Neason company secretary

Wendy Thomson

Administration and supplier management

Wendy keeps everything running like clockwork.  There are many things to take care of away from the building site such as keeping the business compliant, managing the finances, getting the best supplier terms and ensuring that everybody gets paid!

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